Art Direction, Book Design

Photographs, Composition: Michi Nakano
Edit: Haruka Sakuraba
Translation: Saki Asami

Printed, Bound by SunM Color

I was by myself while strolling along the riverside road in my hometown.

No matter how many times I see it, the late-summer evening scenery when nobody else is there still moves me.

Without leaving any ruts in the road, the summer passed along with the swirl of the wind.

Even if we try to stop them, there are so many things around us that are irreversible.


When I think of those who have passed away,

the first thing that comes to my mind is the days in between from birth to death.

Everyone must have gone through life thinking and feeling the way they did.

It is somewhat sad that when it is over, their life is summarized like a chronology.


At the same time, it is admirable to see people still making an effort to do the right.  When the time comes, everything will be gone, and my life will be summarized someday, too.  “We are all going to be stars,” someone once told me. I am always awed thinking that the present,

the day we are living, is approaching the other side of the universe until we appear as stars.


I like cosmos flowers.

The petal’s even alignment serves as a reminder that everything we encounter is in its proper place.

Even in the days when we are trying to answer the questions of tomorrow,

which we cannot see, there is nothing good that is lacking.


I consider it is richer to have many things that give you that desire to hold onto something

and hope that it remains unchanged forever.

The long autumn nights are illuminated by light that travels from afar.

That soft but dazzling light was beautiful.


Michi Nakano

september 2022

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