Art Direction, Identities, Book Design

Editor-In-Chief: Kazuo Suzuki.
Managing Editor: Ayumi Hosoya
Editors: Misaki Imamura, Chihiro Ishikawa, Hitomi Yamashita
Publisher: Kazuo Suzuki.

Printed in Japan by Hakkou Bijyutsu
© Lula Japan Limited. 2023

Non was born in Hyōgo Prefecture in 1993.

She is not only an actor, but also an artist who continues to display her exceptional talent,

expanding her field of activities from film to music and art.

There is no end to cultural figures who are captivated by her charm,

and through interactions across generations she has had a great influence.

This year, she reaches the milestone of 30 years old.


What has shaped her up to the present day, and what she wants to convey as she lives in the future.

“Non” is an art book that connects “now” and “future”, weaving her thoughts into a new stage.


It opens with visual stories specially shot for this book by three photographers.

From a fashion story set in an urban city where “now” is alive, where reality and fantasy resonate,

to fashion portraits that colorfully depict the “in-between” period shifting from her twenties to thirties,

and an emotional story that embodies the passion for the “future” in silence,

this is a special triple feature that captures her various aspects.


In addition, this book includes her new Ribbon artwork in which she herself is a part,

and a collection of handwritten prose, expressing herself in a relaxed manner as she approaches the end of her twenties.

It also features collage works based on her childhood photos,

created in collaboration with three artists transcending national borders,

and interviews in a dialogue format featuring internationally renowned guests,

discussing the future of the art and culture scene.

With these elements combined, a memorial volume that brings together a variety of creativity has been completed.

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