MMA fragments Volume.03 GLASS

Art Direction, Book Design

Editor in Chief: Sawako Fukai (SW_), Momoko Kudo (MMA Inc.)
Mayumi Hosokura - P.1, 2, 4, 9, 12, 17, 18, 20-27, 29
Toru Oshima - P.31-46
Hideki Makiguchi - P.47, 50-53
Go Itami - Cover, P.5, 7, 74
Japanese Proofreading: Kaoru Mori
Translation: SW_
Printed and bound in Japan by iword

Special Thanks to: GGG Glass blowing studio,
Yoshiyuki Okuyama, Yoko Andersson Yamano, Yuri Suyama,
Masahiro Sambe, Torch Press, Peter Ivy Flow Lab
Itsuka Hosokawa, Hiroto Matsunaga, Viola Kimura,
Hideki Makiguchi, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.,
Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Ltd, Maeda Glass Shop

『MMA fragments』03号では、ガラスを特集します。古代より人々はガラスに魅せられ、日用品から建築まで、現代では私たちにとって最も身近な素材の一つとして知られています。本号では、世界最古の人工素材であるガラスの歴史、建築との関係性、そしてガラスをマテリアルとして美的な表現やものづくりにたずさわる人々など、ガラスをめぐる多様なアプローチを取り上げながら素材自身が持つ可能性を探求しました。固体のようで実は液体、冷たく暖かく、人の営みの歴史を鏡のように映し出してきた「ガラス」という一つの素材をめぐる様々な物語をお楽しみください。


– ガラスとその歴史 / 日本の窓、西洋の窓
– GGG Glass Blowing Studio ‒ Photography by Mayumi Hosokura
– 型板ガラスカタログ
– Art Works:奥山由之 / Peter Ivy / 山野アンダーソン陽子

Third of “MMA fragments” features glass as its theme. Humans have been fascinated by glass since ancient times, and it is known today as one of the most familier materials in our daily lives, from household items to architecture. In this issue, we explore the various facets of glass, including its history as one of the world’s oldest man-made materials, its relationship with architecture, and the diverse approaches to using glass as a material for artistic expression and craftsmanship. We hope you enjoy the many stories surrounding this single material with full of wonder.


– Glass and it’s brief history / the use of window glass in japan- GGG Glass Blowing Studio ‒ Photography by Mayumi Hosokura
– Japanese patterned glass in Showa Era- Art Works:Yoshiyuki Okuyama / Peter Ivy / Yoko Andersson Yamano


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